1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Coaching is time to think afresh about your biggest questions, to develop solutions and move forward with clarity and conviction. Whether you need to innovate, navigate change or develop your personal leadership, you will have vital time to think with the support and challenge of a coach.

Your challenges might include:

  • Who am I as a leader and what do I want to achieve?
  • What can I do to inspire change and innovate successfully?
  • How do I engage people and build truly collaborative relationships?
  • How do I encourage the best thinking from everyone in my team?

Whatever your challenge, coaching enables you to clarify your purpose and expand your thinking.

  • Shaping and defining your goals
  • Deepening your insight into where you are
  • Exploring assumptions and expanding possibilities
  • Identifying and committing to next steps

My role as coach is to listen with generative attention and enable your freshest independent thinking.

Drawing on:

  • the principles and practices of a Time to Think Coach and Thinking Environment teacher
  • the understanding of an experienced senior manager
  • leadership, coaching and positive psychology research
  • more than 15 years of coaching practice and reflection

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Having the opportunity to talk to an impartial person without feeling judged has been hugely helpful. I have achieved a greater sense of clarity about how to cope with this period of transition. I feel I have fire in my belly, a passion for the work, and the confidence to deliver.

Head of Studio Creative Arts