Teams & Groups

Teams & Groups

As leader today you have to think, decide and act in the face of unprecedented ambiguity and change – and create the conditions in which you and your team can act well for the success of the whole.

A Thinking Environment workshop enables you to think, create and plan in a wholly honest and collaborative way.  And to continue thinking well for yourself and with each other beyond the day.

Workshops include:

  • Team and Executive Board Away Days
  • Transforming Meetings
  • Leading in a Thinking Environment
  • Mentoring in a Thinking Environment
  • Diversity, Equality & Unlocking Team Performance

Please get in touch for details or to discuss requirements for your day.

Overall I have to say that it was one of the best development days I have ever participated in – and I am very hard to please, having trained as a coach and delivered so much management and leadership development myself.

Equality Lead UK Public Sector