Thinking Environment ®

The Thinking Environment is a uniquely powerful approach to personal and organizational development. Originated by Nancy Kline, its simple purpose is to unlock fresh independent thinking, knowing that ‘if our thinking is good, our decisions are good, our actions are good, our outcomes are good.’

Increasingly used in business, coaching and education, it offers a practical framework and behaviours to dramatically improve the quality of our thinking as individuals, teams and organizations.

As Thinking Environment teacher and facilitator, I run the following courses:

  • The Time to Think Foundation Course
  • The Thinking Partnership Course
  • The Time to Think Coaching Course
  • The Time to Think Facilitator Course
  • Women Leading in a Thinking Environment

For more on my Thinking Environment workshops, see Courses.

For more about Nancy Kline and the Thinking Environment, visit the Time to Think website via the link below.

The first job of a leader is to create an environment in which people can think for themselves. Every subsequent act gains quality from there.

Nancy Kline Founder and President Time to Think